a documentary film by Wilson McCourtney

Embark on a journey with Florida native and documentarian Wilson McCourtney on a mission to protect wildlife in the Sunshine State. “Fighting for Sunshine” is an eye-opening, environmental film that celebrates the natural beauty of Florida while promoting shark conservation and exposing the abuse of Florida’s natural habitats and precious resources.

Wandering through the wetlands of the gulf coast during a devastating outbreak of red tide, “Fighting for Sunshine” introduces us to a wide array of environmentalists and ocean warriors who are fighting to bring awareness to the water crisis and loss of marine life while highlighting the beauty from coast to coast.

This cautionary tale reminds us to honor mother nature by becoming better stewards of the Earth so that future generations can continue to enjoy the biodiversity that has been abused and taken for granted. This film uncovers the undeniable urgency to minimize the rapid rate of wildlife extinction at home and across the globe and to treat clean water management as a top priority in order to protect what’s left and save the billion dollar tourism industry that drives Florida’s economy as well as making a positive global impact.

This narrative teaches how we must all work together to protect our slice of sunshine and shape the youth to rise up behind us to become the next generation of “Ocean Warriors” as we hand off this beautiful and wounded planet to them.

Tentative release date for Film Festivals is 2021. Official Movie Trailer Coming Soon!!!

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Underwater Shark Photography by Cassandra Scott and Red Tide Photography by Dylan Jon Wade Cox.